Customer Service: Improving Client Satisfaction at Private Health Facilities

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Clients’ feelings and needs are not always considered at private health facilities in Benin, according to a rapid assessment conducted in 2016. In fact, clients find a visit to a private health facility to be a significant waste of time. In 16 private health clinics in Cotonou, the assessment showed that the average wait time over a five-day period ranged from 52 to 126 minutes.

Aware of the problems faced by private health facilities, the Association of Private Clinics in Benin (ACPB) asked the Advancing Newborn, Child and Reproductive Health (ANCRE) program to provide training to their members so they could better serve their clients’ needs.

To respond to these concerns, ANCRE conducted a series of trainings on customer service. A total of 168 staff members from 16 private health facilities attended the trainings. Participants also took advantage of these occasions to discuss other concerns, including: client identification, client reception (in person and by telephone), clinic signs, protection of client information, addressing client needs, and how to monitor client satisfaction...

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September 2017
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Success Stories
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