Difficult Choices: Infant Feeding Experiences of HIV-Positive Mothers in Northern Tanzania

This article in Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS explores the challenges some mothers face in selecting an infant-feeding option in the context of HIV/AIDS. Set in northern Tanzania, where kin and neighbors participate in the decisions surrounding infant feeding, the study interviewed and followed up with 20 HIV-positive mothers from late pregnancy through six months after birth. The article reveals the gap between intentions and infant-feeding practice where the social expectations to breastfeed are high; it also describes the mothers’ tension in deciding between the medical and social risks they face.

Leshabari SC, A Blystad, and KM Moland, “Difficult choices: Infant feeding experiences of HIV-positive mothers in northern Tanzania,” Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS 4(2) (2007): 544–555.

Publication Date 
January 2007
Resource Type 
Peer-reviewed Journal Articles