Evaluation of the Quality Assurance Project and BASICS Joint Projects in Niger

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This evaluation sought to assess URC’s introduction of quality management (QM) practices in two departments of Niger and the degree of institutionalization of QM in one department. As reported in the International Journal for Health Care Quality, data were collected from interviews with staff and managers, community focus groups, and medical records. The evaluation found that QM had been effectively implemented in Tahoua, resulting in improvements in health program indicators. It also found that QM facilitated the introduction of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness protocol. The authors conclude that several factors contributed to the project’s success: teamwork, focus on patients, clarity of roles through standards, and synergy between the URC’s efforts and implementation of the protocol. (Legros S, Y Tawfik, H Abdallah, X Crespin, and T Tzavaras Catsambas. International Journal for Quality in Health Care 14(2002): 97-104)

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August 2002
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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
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