Exploring Evidence for Disrespect and Abuse in Facility-Based Childbirth

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While policymakers and program managers focus on overcoming financial and geographic barriers to safe childbirth care, little attention has been paid to documenting and tackling the disrespect and abuse of women in health facilities. This report helps to fill this gap.

Written by URC’s Dr. Kathleen Hill and Diana Bowser of the Harvard School of Public Health, the report presents evidence on disrespect and abuse in facility-based childbirth and contributors to the problem. It also describes several categories of promising interventions concerned with the promotion of respectful, non-abusive care for both childbirth and other health care areas.

The TRAction Project is a health research grants project focuses on maternal, newborn, and child health and other related services. The project is directed by URC in collaboration with partner Harvard School of Public Health.

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