Health Financing 2017

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The USAID Systems for Health project enhances the readiness of the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to directly access and manage USAID funds; through a combination of training, coaching and performance-based grants. Systems for Health also supports the development of a long-term financing system and model of care that can sustain the delivery of equitable, efficient, affordable, and high-quality primary health care. In 2017, the project continued this foundational work by launching a pilot of the Preferred Primary Care Provider (PPCP) Network in 2 districts in Ghana’s Volta Region. Systems for Health partners with the Ministry of Health (MOH), GHS, and National Health Insurance Agency (NHIA) on these activities.


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The launch of PPCP Network in the Volta Region
The launch of PPCP Network in the Volta Region of Ghana
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May 2018
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Project Reports
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