Health Financing Fact Sheet 2018

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USAID Systems for Health’s support in health financing focuses on preparing the Regional and District Health Directorates of the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to eventually receive direct funding from the USG. Structures and systems for sound financial management are strengthened through a combination of training, coaching and performance-based grants.

Toward the goal of universal health coverage, the project is working with the Ministry of Health, GHS, and National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) to pilot a primary care network model in two districts in the Volta Region. Called the Preferred Primary Care Provider (PPCP) Network, the pilot aims to provide policy and operational recommendations to the Ghanian government for the development of a long-term primary health care model and financing strategy that can sustain the delivery of equitable, efficient, affordable, and high-quality primary health care services.


The launch of PPCP Network in the Volta Region
The launch of PPCP Network in the Volta Region of Ghana
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May 2019
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Project Reports
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