The Human Resources Collaborative: Improving Maternal and Child Care in Niger. Final Report

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In 2009, Niger’s Ministry of Public Health and its regional health management office in Tahoua requested assistance from HCI to implement a program to address the health workforce crisis. With too few staff and no prospects for additional staff, the Ministry sought to improve the management of human resources in selected facilities and management offices in Tahoua Region. HCI proposed applying the collaborative improvement approach to improve human resources management in Tahoua. The Niger Human Resources (HR) Collaborative began with a baseline assessment in May 2009 and ended with an endline assessment in December 2011. To guide improvement work in human resources management, HCI supported teams to work through the steps of the Human Resources Performance Cycle. This final report illustrates that the approach of focusing on improving the performance of health workers by better managing the elements of their performance and helping them manage themselves can improve any program and should be a part of any clinical intervention.

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September 2012
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Project Reports
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