Improving Health Care eLearning Course

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This interactive virtual course provides the same curriculum used to orient USAID ASSIST Project headquarters staff and Chiefs of Party to improvement. The course is structured to give a broad overview of the science of improvement, going over key principles and methods necessary to understand how improvement projects can be implemented in any setting to make health care better.



  • Launch the online course
  • Download an offline version of the course (for CD, USB flash drive, etc.) by clicking on the Download link above


Course Overview

The course covers the following topics:

  • USAID ASSIST Project and Its Evolution
  • What Do We Mean by Quality Health Care?
  • The Issue of Quality in Health Care
  • Overview of Improving Health Care
  • Case Study
  • Course Assessment and Certification



After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the key issues in health care quality
  • Explain the fundamentals underlying the science of improvement
  • Give examples of successful improvements from different technical areas and geographical contexts
  • Practice skills related to:
    • Defining improvement aims
    • Forming improvement teams
    • Plotting time-series charts
    • Analyzing processes of care
    • Testing and implementing changes to improve health care processes
    • Monitoring and evaluating results of tested changes


Course Features

  • The course is available for free through the USAID ASSIST Project website and can be downloaded for remote accessibility
  • The course's bookmark feature allows participants to take the course at their own pace
  • The course uses a detailed case study from implementing nutrition, assessment, and counseling (NACS) services in a health care facility in Uganda

Any questions or comments about the course can be addressed to:


Companion materials

The Improving Health Care course can also be taught as an in-person training using two companion materials: a participant and facilitator guide.


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April 2017
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Training Manuals and Guides
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