Increased Antenatal Consultations through Community Engagement in Covè–Zagnanado–Ouinhi, Benin

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Antenatal care (ANC) attendance has the potential to save lives of women and babies. In Benin, an estimated 86% of women received ANC in 2012.1 Yet, only about 58% received the four ANC visits recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health (MOH)2, and less than one out of two women (48%) received their ANC during their first trimester of pregnancy.

In Benin’s Covè–Zagnanado–Ouinhi (CoZO) health zone (HZ), the story was slightly different. In 2015, only 46% of pregnant women attended at least four ANC visits3, despite numerous awareness campaigns on its importance. CoZO families were not taking prenatal care seriously, and the rate of maternal mortality remained high.

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April 2018
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Success Stories
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