Influencing Systems to Increase TB Screening in High-Risk Populations: Experience in Mukono District Prisons

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Successful tuberculosis (TB) screening conducted among prisoners in Mukono district prisons in Central Uganda resulted in the prison wardens reflecting on the provision of health care in the prison. And it resulted in a major change — now TB screening is routine for all new inmates admitted into the prisons in Mukono.

The prison environment, especially in low-resource settings, is known to increase the risk for TB because of overcrowding of prisoners in small rooms with little ventilation, as well as the low-health seeking behavior of prisoners.

The USAID Defeat TB project is working with high TB-burdened districts in Uganda and high-risk key populations including prisoners to increase screening and detection of TB.


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Screening activity on-going at the prison
Screening activity on-going at the prison
Publication Date 
June 2018
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Success Stories