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Facilitating Registration and Licensing of Benin’s Private Health Sector Providers

Benin’s private health sector has grown significantly over the past 20 years and is recognized as an important actor in Benin’s health sector National Health Development Plan (2009–18) and in achieving the country’s ultimate goal of universal health care. The private sector in Benin provides over half of all health services, sustained by patient willingness to pay out-of-pocket for health care expenses.

URC currently manages the Advancing Newborn, Child, and Reproductive Health (ANCRE) Program in 10 health zones of Benin. ANCRE supports the Ministry of Health in scaling up the “Packet of High Impact Interventions” related to maternal, newborn, and child health through innovative strategies at both the clinic and community levels. The project is improving both public and private health sector performance delivery of integrated family health services.

URC has worked intensively with the Private Health Sector Platform (Plateforme du secteur sanitaire privé, PSSP) advocacy group to strengthen the private health sector in Benin, registering 427 private facilities and licensing 553 private providers in the past three years alone. This represents a significant increase from the 140 registered facilities and 251 licensed providers in existence from 2012-14.

To achieve this result, URC implemented a number of initiatives including the development of a series of booklets called “Je suis médecin,” to sensitize and educate private health professionals on national registration and licensing regulations. The booklets have been widely distributed to health professionals and facility owners to encourage unauthorized facilities to comply with national regulations for delivery of higher quality health services.


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January 2018
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