La Rueda: Prácticas para vivir mejor (The Wheel of Practices for Better Living)

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The Wheel of Practices for Better Living Program is a home-visit and counseling program led by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance, the USAID|Nutri-Salud Project and the private sector Alliance for Nutrition to promote healthy practices by mothers for themselves, their children and their households. It focuses on improving the practices of pregnant and lactating mothers, including feeding, care, hygiene and use of health services during the “window of opportunity of the first 1,000 days of life” (270 days of pregnancy and the first 730 days in the child’s life). The Wheel is supported by a suite of complementary materials, including a guide, cards, and posters.

The program contributes to the prevention of chronic malnutrition (or stunting) and common childhood illnesses, as well as women’s morbidity and mortality, by promoting 19 key practices for the nutrition and health of the family. Each family in the areas where Nutri-Salud works will have a copy of La Rueda to use in their homes.

The program and materials have been developed thanks to the financial support of USAID; Nutri-Salud partner Mercy Corps' previous work, the “House and Lot Management” strategy and tool for food and nutrition security; and technical assistance provided by Nutri-Salud partner, The Manoff Group. In addition, Guatemala's Ministry of Public Health has provided invaluable collaboration at the central, area, district and community levels and of service delivery NGOs in the pre-testing and household trials of the Wheel of Practices for Better Living.

La Rueda: Prácticas para vivir mejor (The Wheel of Practices for Better Living)
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