Malaria Fact Sheet 2018

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Systems for Health’s malaria programming focuses on prevention (malaria in pregnancy) and treatment (case management) in support of the National Malaria Control Program’s (NMCP) goal of reducing malaria morbidity and mortality by 75% by the year 2020 (using 2012 as the baseline).

Through trainings, supportive supervision visits, and other on-the-job coaching visits, Systems for Health builds health workers’ capacity to provide quality services. An important component of malaria prevention and treatment is access to supplies such as rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) and artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs). Therefore, Systems for Health incorporates guidance on supply chain management into project activities.

Shared learning sessions also offer a platform for facilities to discuss challenges and successes and to learn quality improvement (QI) methods for implementing changes and measuring results.


A child gets tested for Malaria
A child gets tested for Malaria
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May 2019
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