A Missed Opportunity No More: Finding Missing TB Cases in a Kampala Taxi Park

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In July 2018, Rachael Kabamooli, a TB supervisor working in Rubaga Division in Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) in Uganda, shared her experience with the emerging risk of TB in the community and opportunities for finding missing TB cases. According to Rachael, she encountered two cases of TB while travelling in taxis in Kampala. After analyzing TB records at health facilities, she discovered that at two health centres (HCs) in Kampala, Kisenyi HC IV and Kitebi HC III, several confirmed TB cases were taxi drivers and conductors (those who collect money from passengers), and that most of these drivers and conductors either interrupted their TB treatment or passed away soon after diagnosis due to late diagnosis.

The USAID Defeat TB Project in collaboration with KCCA, contacted the leadership of the taxi parks, the Uganda Taxi Operators and Drivers Association (UTODA) to conduct targeted TB screening outreach at the New Taxi Park. The park is a large, enclosed staging area where passengers can access taxis. It is heavily populated during the day with taxi drivers and conductors as well as hawkers, vendors, passengers, and many other small business owners and workers. The risk of exposure to TB from an index TB case is high due to the congestion and poor air quality from vehicle emissions and the dusty driveways. The taxi park was chosen as the intervention site because the drivers who were TB patients at Kisenyi and Kitebi HCs were stationed there.


Results from TB screening outreach
Results from TB screening outreach
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February 2019
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