A New Approach to TB Case Detection: Neighborhood Watch for Community TB Care and Treatment

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The AIDS Information Centre (AIC) works with health facilities to implement community TB interventions for improved TB case detection and treatment including contact screening, patient and sample referral, adherence support, and treatment response monitoring. AIC, a civil society organization and recipient of a sub-grant from the USAID Defeat TB Project, has implemented community TB control activities in Kampala’s central division and the Entebbe municipality of Wakiso district since July 2018.

In the first six months of AIC’s TB prevention, care, and treatment work, 143 new TB patients were enrolled in care and are adhering to treatment. AIC community staff realized that by leveraging TB survivors who have successfully undergone at least six months of treatment as outreach workers for TB interventions, the project could address a critical gap. They began to plan what this approach would look like, considering the complex social characteristics of the urban communities they work in, including high mobility, poverty, complacency, social fear, and stigma. AIC decided to pioneer a high-impact, low-cost, and effective approach to managing TB in urban communities, which they called the “Neighborhood TB Watch” approach.


TB Survivors implement TB control activities in the community
TB Survivors implement TB control activities in the community
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April 2019
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Success Stories
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