Provider-Initiated Counseling and Testing (PICT): An Overview

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Two URC staff members published an article in the Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine, “Provider-Initiated Counseling and Testing (PICT): An Overview,” (Vol 12, No 2 (2011)) which outlines the rationale for PICT and provides an overview of the implementation protocol that will equip health care providers with the knowledge required to integrate HCT into routine medical care. PICT is a key strategy to increase HIV testing and referrals to care, treatment, and prevention services in high burden settings. The authors included Nondumiso Makhunga-Ramfolo, the Project Director for the CDC Counseling and Testing Project in South Africa and URC Vice President Dr. Refiloe Matji, who now directs the TB CAREII project.

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June 2011
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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
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