Quality Improvement and Leadership Fact Sheet 2018

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Quality improvement (QI) is linked and jointly implemented with leadership and management (LM) strengthening. The integration of these two activities recognizes that service delivery gaps often cannot be completely closed without empowering leadership and management to address the issues. Ongoing project support in QI/LM focuses on helping GHS leaders strengthen their skills in collaborative planning, continuous use of data, coaching and mentoring, and the implementation of follow-up actions. These concepts are applied throughout the technical portfolio of the project.

QI/LM activities continued to expand in 2018. With the support of over 450 GHS Improvement Coaches, shared learning activities are now underway in 75 districts across the five supported regions. In addition, leadership-led QI projects are being implemented directly by the GHS in all five regions to reduce preventable maternal, perinatal, and child mortality.


A QI coach supports facility staff in Central Region
A QI coach supports facility staff in Central Region
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May 2019
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Project Reports
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