Social Health Protection - Community-managed Health Equity Funds

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Buddhism for Health (BfH) is a local non-governmental organization (NGO), implementing development activities in Cambodia in a neutral, non-profit basis without regard to race or religion. BfH was founded and officially registered at the Cambodian Ministry of Interior in 2004. Since its establishment, BfH has been active in social health protection in Cambodia, dedicated to working with communities to enable the poor and marginalized to integrate in society through increased social capital. BfH currently works as a sub-partner to University Research Co., LLC (URC) in the implementation of the USAID Social Health Protection Project. Through this project and in partnership with other development partners, BfH has led the management and implementation of community-managed health equity funds (CMHEFs). Previous activities included acting as a HEF Operator under the National Health Equity Fund system, operating community-based health insurance schemes (CBHI), and implementing programs concerning social accountability for health.

BfH established the community-based approach to managing Health Equity Funds using Buddhist monasteries (pagodas) in 2004 in Kirivong, Takeo Province through support from the Swiss Red Cross. This approach later evolved into CMHEFs which encompass all religious communities, especially the Cham Muslims. By focusing on issues that affect health of the poorest and most vulnerable populations, including social determinants and aspects advancing social capital, CMHEFs promote people’s participation in local governance and create accountability of local authorities and public health care.


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September 2018
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Technical Briefs
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