Strengthening Market Linkages for Smallholder Rural Farmers in Uganda

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Reco Industries, on behalf of the Uganda Production for Improved Nutrition project (PIN), is pleased to share with you the completed Livelihoods Landscape Analysis report. This report, titled “Strengthening Market Linkages for Small-holder Rural Farmers in Uganda” provides a comprehensive analysis of the maize, soy bean and ground nut value chains across the 21 in which PIN implements market-driven livelihoods programming.

Reco’s project partner, the University Research Co. LLC (URC), lead field work for and development of this report. As you are aware, the Uganda PIN project’s Landscape Analysis report is one of first of its kind to be produced in Uganda in recent years. A vast array of both USAID and other donor-funded partners, as well as both large and medium-scale market actors, contributed to the development of this report between October 2014 and February 2015.

The overall purpose of this  landscape analysis report is to better position the Uganda PIN project to optimize its role in supporting sustainable small-holder farmer livelihoods across the three selected crop value chains. While a portion of the maize, soy bean and ground nut crops produced by PIN-supported farmers is used in the production of Ready-to-use therapeutic  food (RUTF) and fortified blended food (FBF) under Reco, much of it must be effectively sold on the open local market. This report has helped PIN to identify how best to leverage partnerships with co-located market actors in a way that supports long-term increased household income and sustainable agricultural livelihoods. In particular and as a result of this report, Uganda PIN has strengthened its approach to linking farmers to both input and output markets, financial services, market information and integrating behavior change into targeted field production and post-harvest handling capacity development efforts.

One of the specific new partnerships to result from this report is with the US Peace Corps Uganda program; PIN now hosts an Agribusiness Volunteer within its mid-west region to support market linkages and producer organization capacity development efforts. We are excited to share this report with you and appreciate your support for the development of this landscape analysis.

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September 2015
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Evaluation and Assessment Reports
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