Synthesis of Findings and Learning from the Field Testing of Learning System Tools: The Standard Evaluation System (SES) Team Documentation Journal, Team Synthesis Form, and Excel Results Databases

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In 2008, the USAID Health Care Improvement Project (HCI) took on the challenge of improving the learning system for health care improvement. This learning system includes the processes of harvesting, analyzing, and synthesizing knowledge about what teams do to improve health care and the process of sharing what they learn with other QI teams. Using experience to date and some innovations, HCI developed a set of four tools—collectively known as the “Standard Evaluation System” (SES) tools—for teams and their coaches to use to facilitate these knowledge management processes. The SES tools include a QI team-level Journal, a QI team-level Synthesis Form, and two databases for results indicator data—one for QI teams and the other for the collaborative level. These tools were created to help support the collaborative learning system by which teams examine which of their changes were most effective and sharing this learning with other teams in the collaborative. This report summarizes the results of testing these SES tools to strengthen documentation, analysis, and sharing of QI team efforts to improve care through testing of changes.

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