Tibu Homa: Saving children’s lives in Mwanza Region

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In Mwanza Region, the USAID Diagnosis and Management of Severe Febrile Illness Program (Tibu Homa - “Treat Fever” in Kiswahili) is working with health care facilities (hospitals, health centers, and dispensaries) in all of its eight districts to address key issues related to severe febrile illnesses of children.

Since 2011, Tibu Homa staff have provided technical support to health facility managers and staff to improve case management of malaria and other related febrile illnesses and increase the availability of and accessibility to effective medicines and diagnostics.

Assessments of Mwanza Region facilities have revealed marked improvements overall in providing quality health-care services.

In Tanzania, mother sits with her feverish child while a nurse performs an evaluation to determine the correct course of treatment.
Mwanza Region is one of three regions in northern Tanzania that suffers from a high prevalence of under-five mortality, higher than Tanzania's national average.
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July 2015
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Case Studies
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