USAID's Legacy of Family Planning Technical Assistance to the Guatemalan Public Health Sector: Over a decade of success through USAID's Calidad en Salud and Health Care Improvement Projects

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This report details USAID’s legacy of successful technical assistance in family planning (FP) provided to the Government of Guatemala through the Calidad en Salud (Quality in Health) I and II (2000-2004, 2005-2009) and Health Care Improvement (HCI, 2009-2012) projects from 2000-2012. The work described here occurred during a time in which the Guatemalan national FP program experienced a period of dramatic and unprecedented growth and development. This report also presents the challenges encountered in expanding the FP program and presents lessons learned that could be applied to other projects working to successfully establish or enhance FP programs in other settings.

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January 2012
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Case Studies
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