The Zambia quality assurance program: Successes and challenges

This article in the International Journal for Quality in Health Care describes an evaluation of Zambia’s five-year effort to build a national quality assurance (QA) program and offers lessons for similar programs in other developing countries. Taking a systems perspective, the evaluation team held 140 interviews at 24 public and private health facilities in all four regions of Zambia. They learned that a QA structure had been built and included staff capacity, enthusiasm for QA, and teamwork; still lacking were the essential elements of QA integration, coordinated standards, a means to communicate clinical standards, measurement of compliance with standards, team independence, and consistent support systems.

Bouchet B, M Francisco, and J Ovretveit “The Zambia Quality Assurance Program: Successes and challenges,” International Journal for Quality in Health Care 14(2002): 89–95.

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December 2002
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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
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