Social and Behavior Change

Social and behavior change (SBC) can improve health outcomes by changing the attitudes, perceptions, and practices around health and nutrition decision-making.

URC uses SBC to enable individuals, families, and communities to increase control over and improve their health. We use the best evidence to guide our interventions, which strengthen community and clinical systems, increase demand for health and related services, and enable sustained individual, family, and community behavior change.


Our SBC strategies focus on three key areas:

Interpersonal Communication

URC is widely recognized for developing technically sound, culturally relevant, visually attractive, and effective job aids — tools that improve performance by health workers and caregivers.

Community Mobilization

Our social and community mobilization strategies engage civil society and communities to promote social norms supporting collective health objectives and challenging harmful practices.

Mass Media

URC uses community theater, radio, music, social media, and other mass media to deliver a range of health messages in multiple countries.


URC welcomes the opportunity to partner with or to provide services to your organization to strengthen the impact of SBC approaches across the globe. For more information please contact us.



URC Brief - Social and Behavior Change (SBC)


Children and families gather around the “Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle” bus, which brings health information and services to hard-to-reach rural Filipinos
The Lakbay Buhay Kalusugan (“Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle”) bus provides an interactive platform to bring critical information on healthy practices to Filipino families, especially those in rural barangays (districts)