Linda was able to learn about the CBDR program in her village, get proper treatment, and make informed decisions. Photo credit: URC

The following two video stories show the importance of family support, health service providers, and the community in the recovery journey of people who formerly used drugs. Watch both to see how Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation (CBDR) programs are helping people get treatment and recover from drug misuse.

Errol’s Story

Errol’s relationship with his family was gravely affected because of his drug misuse. Errol completed a CBDR program which included sessions on how he can mend his relationship with his family. By encouraging effective communication, openness, and forgiveness, Errol was able to recover from drug misuse with the help and support of his family.

USAID RenewHealth – Errol’s Story

Linda’s Story

A former drug user, Linda was able to learn about the CBDR program in her village. The program was able to help Linda get proper treatment and make informed decisions. CBDR empowers people like Linda with skills and other support mechanisms to help them get integrated back into the community.

USAID RenewHealth – Linda’s Story

These videos were produced with support from USAID RenewHealth, a five-year project in the Philippines that URC is leading which promotes social integration and increases the accessibility of drug treatment and rehabilitation within the community.

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