URC experts in TB from Uganda and the Philippines are pleased to share their experience and knowledge at the Union World Conference on Lung Health, taking place virtually from Oct. 19-22.

Following the conference theme of “Lung Health for All: Solutions for a New Era,” our program implementers and researchers will discuss timely topics, including: a low-tech telehealth intervention for TB and the challenges and opportunities in integrating COVID-19 and TB screening.

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Oral Presentations

Hansel John Ybanez
Field Operations Manager, USAID TB Platforms Project

Integrating Active TB and COVID-19 Screening Activities: An Effective Strategy for Increasing Bacteriological Confirmation of TB in the Philippines

Tuesday Oct. 19, 9:36-9:44am CEST (OA08-648-19)

Karen Dalawangbayan
Technical Team Lead, USAID TB Platforms Project

Acing the Test of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Effective TB Screening among Household TB Contacts in the Philippines through the TB Contact Center

Tuesday Oct. 19, 9:52-10am CEST (OA08-650-19)

Christine Joy Candari
Monitoring and Learning Officer, USAID TB Platforms Project

A Panoramic View on COVID-19 and TB: Evidence of the Long-Term Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic to TB through Food Insecurity and Undernutrition in the Philippines

Tuesday Oct. 19, 10:34-10:42am CEST (OA10-659-19)

Simon Muchuro
TB/HIV Prevention Advisor, USAID Defeat TB Project

Use of Home-Delivery of TPT Approaches among Under 5-year-old Household Contacts in a High-TB/HIV-Burden, Low-Resource Setting: Lessons from Northern Uganda

Tuesday Oct. 19, 5:28-5:36pm CEST (OA01-596-19)

Andrew Ocero
Deputy Chief of Party, USAID Defeat TB Project

Mitigating the COVID-19 Impact on Ending TB in Uganda: The Role of Virtual Coordination by Uganda’s National TB and Leprosy Program

Thursday Oct. 21 11:06 – 11:14am CEST (OA25-772-21)

Aldomoro Burua
TB Case Finding Advisor, USAID Defeat TB Project

Optimizing Use of Mobile Digital X-ray with CAD4TB among Populations at Increased Risk for TB to Increase TB Case Detection in Uganda

Friday Oct. 22, 5:20-5:28pm CEST (OA28-791-22)

John Paul Otuba
MDR-TB Advisor, USAID Defeat TB Project

Treatment Outcomes with the Shorter Treatment Regimen for Multidrug-Resistant TB in Uganda

Friday Oct. 22, 5:28-5:36pm CEST (OA26-778-22)

Poster Presentations