Photo credit: Osman Rana | Unsplash

On November 11, Veterans Day, the U.S. recognizes the service and sacrifice of our veterans. Formerly known as Armistice Day, the day commemorates the end of the “war to end all wars,” when a truce was signed at 11 a.m. on November 11, 1918, officially ending World War I. Thus, the saying that the war ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

In 1954, President Eisenhower signed a bill proclaiming November 11 as Veterans Day to honor and pay respect to all veterans, including those who served in subsequent conflicts. Unfortunately, history shows that war, at both the national and global scale, did not end there.

Today, there are approximately 18 million veterans living throughout the U.S. They are our colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family and we honor them today.

The theme for this year’s Veteran’s Day is “Honor,” an important military value. Jimmy Johnson, a Senior Technical Advisor for Logistics and Supply Chain Management at URC, served as a Navy Corpsman for six years, providing medical support to the Navy fleet, shore sailors, and U.S. Marines.

“Being a Navy veteran,” explained Jimmy, “honor is living by and carrying out the principles of respect, duty, loyalty, integrity and personal bravery in everything you do.”

Veterans Day, he said, “is a time to give praise to those currently serving, and a time for us to acknowledge those who have given the ultimate sacrifice – and recognize the sacrifices of the extended families of those heroes.”

Photo of Jimmy Johnson when stationed on the Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier during his time in the Navy. Photo credit: U.S. Navy

We are proud of Jimmy and URC’s other veterans for the values they bring to the fore to strengthen our work.

Thanks to all veterans and family of veterans for their service.