URC’s first of many projects in Niger was the USAID-funded Niger Family Health and Demography Project, which was initiated in 1989 and provided technical support to improve the delivery of family planning services nationwide.

Soon thereafter, URC and our non-profit affiliate, the Center for Human Services, began an 18-year initiative to provide global leadership for health care quality assurance in USAID-supported programs through the Quality Assurance Project I, II, and III.

URC has since worked to determine how improved care practices and quality improvement can be institutionalized within the routine operations of Ministry of Health facilities (USAID Health Care Improvement Project) and through our non-profit, the Center for Human Services, worked to create and implement a pediatric malnutrition recuperation program.

Over the years, URC’s project portfolio in Niger has expanded to include initiatives funded by the USAID and the World Health Organization, as well as a partnership with the Government of Niger.