English literacy (ESL) and civics education were provided to foreign-born adult learners to help them compete in the workplace and exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens. Photo credit: URC


The Center for Human Services (CHS) is a community-centered, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of and access to health, educational, and social services for those most in need, in the US and around the world. CHS envisions a world where equitable access to these services enables all individuals and communities to determine their own destinies. CHS works with communities to meet today’s challenges and take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities by treating people with dignity and compassion; respecting diversity of cultures and ideas; and providing quality, innovative services.

Founded in 1968, CHS, like URC, offers a range of technical assistance to strengthen health and social systems and service quality by empowering communities and health workers to identify and apply locally appropriate solutions to critical problems. In the United States, CHS provides services focused on education, health education, health communication, and vocational training. Internationally, CHS provides many of the same services as URC, drawing on URC staff expertise and experience.

CHS is a 501(c)(3) organization that works with federal, state, local, and nongovernmental clients on international and domestic projects.