El Salvador

URC began working in El Salvador in 1987, through the El Salvador Health Systems Support Project, which strengthened the capacity of the Ministry of Health to delivery and support basic health care services, including preventive and primary care services.  From 1990–1995, URC was involved with the Central American Health Consultancies, a project which provided technical services related to development and supervision of World Bank-funded health and social sector loan projects in El Salvador, as well as in Nicaragua. Other URC projects in the country have focused on maternal and child health, family planning and reproductive health, nutrition, and the prevention and control of infectious diseases. URC also helped the country strengthen Country Coordinating Mechanisms, which ultimately improved the country’s ability to manage programs and provide oversight of local organisms that received funding. Most recently, through the Health Care Improvement Project, URC also lent expertise in quality standards and improvement approaches to the Ministry of Health in El Salvador.