Renovated and fully functional Madi-Opei Health Center IV laboratory. Photo credit: USAID/Uganda

To enhance support for the Uganda Ministry of Health’s laboratory system, the USAID RHITES-N, Acholi Activity undertook the initiative to strengthen laboratory services for disease surveillance, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

This has been accomplished through the renovation of the laboratories of both the Madi-Opei and Atiak Health Center IVs. The renovations included the identification and correction of any defects. The renovation process was recently completed, rendering the laboratories fully functional. On July 12, 2023, Madi-Opei Health Center IV’s laboratory was officially handed over to the district, and the next day, the laboratory at Atiak Health Center IV was, as well.

The laboratory spaces underwent significant improvements, including the installation of state-of-the-art equipment, upgraded infrastructure, and enhanced safety measures. The aim was to create fully functional laboratories that can effectively meet the needs of their communities and contribute to the overall health system in their districts.

Renovated and fully functional Atiak Health Center IV Laboratory. Photo credit: USAID/Uganda

The events were well attended by district officials, laboratory leadership and staff, facility in-charges, community members, and staff from USAID RHITES-N, Acholi, USAID Local Partner Health Services (LPHS) – Ankole and Acholi Activity, and USAID Uganda Health Activity (UHA). The presence of such a large group of invested stakeholders at these events spoke to the collective commitment towards advancing health services in the districts. It fostered a sense of collaboration and collective responsibility to ensure the success and sustainability of the newly renovated laboratories.

USAID LPHS – Ankole and Acholi Activity will continue working with the district and health facility staff to strengthen laboratory activities and uphold high standards in delivering essential diagnostic, surveillance, and treatment services to the community starting on August 1, 2023.

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