Florence gazes at her 12-day-old triplets safely sleeping in an incubator donated by USAID. Photo credit: Diana Ankunda

In Uganda’s Mayuge district, Florence Katoko, 22, seven months pregnant, unexpectedly went into labor after visiting Malongo Health Center III. Feeling unwell, she suspected she had malaria, and was hoping to receive treatment to protect herself and her baby.

Florence’s malaria test came back negative. Instead, she found out that she was pregnant with multiples and was in preterm labor.

The health center staff quickly referred Florence to Mayuge Health Center IV, which recently received training support from the URC-led USAID Uganda Health Activity (UHA), along with new maternal health and neonatal intense care equipment from USAID. Shortly after admission to the health center, Florence delivered her triplets via cesarean section. Her triplets immediately received the specialized care they needed and were stabilized in a new infant radiant warmer.

Mayuge District Health Officer Dr. Basembeza expressed gratitude for the timely donation from USAID, highlighting the improved quality of maternity services.

Thanks to the equipment received and UHA providing mentorship and training to the health center staff on the management of obstetric emergencies, they were able to save more lives.

“This well-equipped NICU at Mayuge HCIV is a blessing to our community. My girls would not have survived without the equipment provided by USAID and the committed and skilled health workers,” said Florence Katoko.

Within 12 days of delivering the triplets, Florence learned vital care techniques which she immediately applied caring for her babies.

Rachael Taliba, the midwife caring for Florence and her triplets, praised Florence’s readiness to nurture her triplets at home – all thanks to the comprehensive care and education Florence and her three babies received at the now better equipped health center.