Collaboration with local partners, global partners, and the private sector is a key to our success. Photo credit: URC

Our Partners

Our vision of sustainable development is one that is locally owned and led. URC brings new ideas, perspectives, and global evidence, but believes decisions are ultimately best made and owned by our country partners.

To address a changing international development landscape facing new challenges including rampant urbanization, climate change, and global pandemics, requires a collaborative effort.

We recognize that solutions to global challenges must entail collaborations between the global development community, governments, researchers and innovators, local citizens, and the private sector.

We cannot rely on solutions of the past. Actively partnering with local change agents brings the commitment, resources, skills, and innovations to empower communities to devise more resilient home-grown solutions.

And private sector engagement is a critical resource that must be tapped for the timely provision and delivery of quality health services. To ensure sustained progress, early engagement and co-creation of ideas tailored for local realities is our goal.

As a mission-driven global leader in international health and development, URC is creating new partnerships every day. We partner with organizations of all types – local, national, and regional entities, regional networks, universities, and the private sector.

We know that to make a difference in the long term, and as countries transition from donor support, partnering with the citizens and leaders of the countries where we work is the only way forward. Sustainable solutions rely on innovative partnerships with the citizens and leaders of the countries where we work.

We look forward to expanded partnerships with change agents around the world as we chart pathways to better health.