Online System Development and Maintenance of Sentinel Sites Monitoring for Health and Nutrition Project

Overview and Objectives

URC, working for the Millennium Challenge Account for Indonesia (MCA-I), created a comprehensive system for data management related to the first 1,000 days of a child’s life. URC implemented the system, called the Sentinel Site Monitoring Program, in 100 sites in 11 provinces across the country.

The project’s tasks included:

  • Developing an online database system and semi-online desktop application that can generate relevant, reliable, and real-time data;
  • Developing modules to train midwife data collectors;
  • Installing the developed application onto MCA-I laptops for each midwife;
  • Migrating existing data from health facility records to the online system;
  • Maintaining the database, managing the data, and assisting users; and
  • Generating reports for MCA-I throughout the data collection period.

Field tests of the system highlighted strengths and weaknesses in its design and interface and allowed the team to make corrections before launching live data collection.

MCA-I recruited village midwives to collect routine data at health facilities and field facilitators to collect household data. Data collection included 97 villages in 11 provinces across the country to support the MCA-I monitoring and evaluation team. This wide range of information included:

  • Coverage of micronutrient supplements among children;
  • Household hygiene and sanitation behavior;
  • Immunization status for mothers and children;
  • Contraceptive use status among reproductive age women; and
  • Prevalence/incidence of childhood morbidity.


An MCA-Indonesia evaluation of URC’s efforts in Indonesia concluded that “URC’s overall performance is outstanding. URC developed software for data storage, analysis, visualization, and reporting. The software was developed using an approach that carefully designed to be able to close the existing gaps in the public health data in Indonesia.”




Maternal and Child Health

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

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