In many of the 22 countries that, combined, account for more than 80% of tuberculosis (TB) cases worldwide, URC implements evidence-based solutions to help health systems diagnose, treat and prevent all forms of TB, including drug-resistant and multidrug-resistant strains, and utilizes rapid quality-improvement cycles and continuous monitoring and evaluation to strengthen health systems and improve the quality of care for all.

We partner with ministries of health, national TB control programs, national reference laboratories, academic institutions, the private sector, and community and civil society institutions to ensure our work is locally supported and sustainable.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • TB prevention and control
  • Community-based care and DOTS
  • Programmatic management of multidrug-resistant TB
  • TB systems strengthening
  • Connected health solutions, eHealth and mobile money solutions
  • Laboratory strengthening
  • TB-HIV coordinated care

To read more about our expertise in tuberculosis, please read our Tuberculosis brief.


Children receive lapdesks at South African schools with messaging related to TB prevention, treatment and care (2014)